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Technical features of .cat

  • IDN

    The .cat domain allows the use of accents, diaeresis, ç and l·l. Any .cat domain can contain the characters of Catalan language.

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  • IPv6

    The result of the Fundació puntCAT’s long-standing commitment to technological leadership, the .cat domain has been able to accept IPv4 and IPv6 DNS addresses since it began.

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    .cat has offered DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions). These are cryptographic keys ensuring the domain name is correctly converted to an IP address, providing the domain in question with an extra level of security.

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  • Private Whois

    The .cat domain allows the contact details of users making non-commercial use of their domains to be hidden.

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  • Anycast addressing

    The .cat domain uses this Anycast technology on some of its DNS query servers, achieving a quicker response time and a more robust service.

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  • Continuous improvement

    Fundació puntCAT has never stopped researching and implementing the latest technologies on the domain, and it never will.

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