Report on the first five years of the .cat domain

.cat is the great achievement of Catalan-speaking civil society which, by gaining its own top-level Internet domain, has put itself at the forefront in world terms. Since it began, .cat has captured international attention for being the first domain aimed at a cultural and linguistic community. Although it is small in terms of quantity of registrations, it is a leading technological domain, at the forefront in terms of security and quality. Over the first five years of its life, .cat has been a successful domain, a model to be followed in the Internet domain industry.

If you want to find out why, here is the report on the first five years of operation of the .cat domain. Find out about the history and growth of this gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) that began with a citizens’ initiative and is run by a private, not-for-profit foundation which reinvests the operating profits from the register in promoting the Catalan-speaking Information Society..

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