Our Director of Innovation and Information Systems has been released

We consider unjustified the moral damages perpetrated to our colleague

22 September 2017

Our Director of Innovation and Information Systems, Pep Masoliver, has been released on September 22, after more than 60 hours of detention, accused with charges of embezzlement, prevarication and disobedience.

Whereas we express our immense joy for his release, we also express our greatest rejection and protest for the events that led to his arrest and detention. We consider unjustified the moral damages perpetrated to our colleague and also to a lesser extent to the Fundació PuntCAT.

Even though from now on we will focus our efforts to stand up for our jobmate, who has to attend the Police station weekly, and to get back to normal as soon as possible, now we are strongly determined to give international visibility to this unprecedented violation of freedom on internet and neutrality on the net.

We particularly show the desproportion of the court order, issued on sept 15th, which not only has forced us to shutdown webpages, but also attempts to transfer the burden of making censors by forcing us to monitor the content of more than 112,000 .cat domains.

We deeply appreciate the support received from universities, colleges and professional associations, local and international institutions, suppliers and, in general, friends, without forgetting the support of the people.

La Fundació puntCAT is a not-for-profit private organization without political affiliation which owns the .cat domain. Its objectives are to undertake actions to normalize the use of .cat across the Catalan-speaking community, promote activities related to the creation and management of the .cat domain, raise the profile of the Catalan identity and the normalization of the use of Catalan in the area of the Internet and ICTs as well as to develop the Catalan-speaking Information Society.