Penetration of the .cat domain in the population

18 May 2017
Infografia penetracio domini pais de referència

This ranking shows the rate of uptake of each country’s domain by its inhabitants. There are currently 256 country domains in operation. The graph also shows the level of Internet access.

If you compare the .cat domain to the 256 country domains (ccTLDs) currently in existence, its penetration in the population is significant: we are in 37th position if we focus on Catalonia and in 42nd place when looking at the Catalan-speaking territories.

In spite of this positive data, its implementation in Catalonia is 1.3%, and only 0.8% in the Catalan-speaking areas. In other words, there is less than one .cat domain for every 100 inhabitants in the Catalan-speaking territories.

This figure shows that there is ample room for growth since, if we compare our domain to those of benchmark countries such as the Netherlands or Switzerland, this rate rises to over 33 .nl domains or over 24 .ch domains for every 100 inhabitants currently in existence, taking into account that these domains are already over 30 years old.

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