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Content of interest to communication professionals because we want to share our activities with the community to bring the .cat domain closer to you and normalise the use of Catalan on the Internet. In Catalan only. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The puntCAT Foundation is joined by 2 new trustees

Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing the Cercle Català de Negocis, are the foundation’s two new trustees

26 February 2018

The puntCAT Foundation has held an extraordinary board meeting to approve and welcome two new trustees to the Foundation: Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, the Association of Information and Communication Media, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing Cercle Català de Negocis, the Catalan Business Circle. These two associations seek to strengthen the associative nature of the region represented by .CAT.

The puntCAT Foundation, the Real Dreams Foundation and CTecno launch a call within the framework of the esTICenllaçat project to provide tertiary sector organisations with websites

The esTICenllaçat project, promoted by Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (Technology Circle of Catalonia) and the real dreams Foundation, seeks to improve the digital capacity of tertiary sector organisations

23 February 2018

Today, the puntCAT Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with CTecno (Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya - Technology Circle of Catalonia) and the real dreams Foundation to take part in the esTICenllaçat project. The agreement was signed by Mr. Carles Salvadó, Chairman of the puntCAT Foundation, Mr. Joan Ramon Barrera, Vice Chairman of CTecno, and Mr. David Levy, Chairman of the real dreams Foundation.

This initiative seeks to improve the access and digital capacity of Catalan non-profit organisations through the volunteer work of technology companies.

34 shops in Vandellòs and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant already have their .cat website

The tour of the comerç scheme has ended its 3-week stay in Vandellòs and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant

28 June 2017

Thanks to the comerç scheme, 34 shops in Vandellòs and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant applied to have their own websites in Catalan between 7 and 23 June. The proposal has been very well received by both shopkeepers and restaurateurs. From the moment the comerç scheme was presented at a number of establishments belonging to the shopkeepers’ and restaurateurs’ association, they showed an interest in having an online presence in Catalan.

Fundació puntCAT awards the prizes for the 7th edition of the Webs al punt competition

Syrian refugees, 3D printing, video games, digital information and leisure are the subjects of this year’s winning projects

Webs al punt .cat
26 May 2017

Friday 26 May was the day of the award ceremony for the 7th edition of the Webs al punt (Websites on .cat) competition, a project that fosters digital creation among secondary school and vocational training students.

The award to the best website was for the project of the Institut Antoni Pous i Argila secondary school in Manlleu. The prize to the best application was for Funecode, an app created by students of the Institut Vidal i Barraquer secondary school in Tarragona that makes learning to program in Java fun.

Fundació puntCAT presents the new puntCAT Observatory data

The .cat domain continues to grow – there are already close to 113,000 names registered, and it is present throughout the Catalan-speaking areas

puntCAT observatory
17 May 2017

Coinciding with International Internet Day, Fundació puntCAT presents the puntCAT Observatory, an analysis of the evolution of the .cat domain shown in graph form. This publication, which will be presented on 17th May each year, aims to increase and expand on the information it provides, including the results of the new studies being conducted by Fundació puntCAT on the demand for Catalan on the Internet.