Historical projects

  • punt X punt

    The punt X punt conferences, held in 2010 and 2011, allowed us to share the tools and practices offered us by the Internet in order to be more competitive. Through three sessions devoted to three different sectors, the participants were brought closer the new forms of business made possible by the Internet, strengthening sales by opening up new channels and specialisations and promoting groups of loyal customers, etc.

    These are the three puntXpunt conferences held:

  • Celebration of 50,000 .cat domains

    In May 2011, five years after we began, we registered .cat number 50,000 and we wanted to celebrate this with the Catalan-speaking community, without which .cat would not have got where it is today.

    If you want to find out how we celebrated it, go to https://50mil.cat.


    The Digital Heritage of Catalonia project, known as PADICAT and led by the Biblioteca de Catalunya (Library of Catalonia) is a repository intended to collect and preserve all cultural, scientific and general production in Catalan in digital format to make it easier to consult, in a similar way to Internet-Archive. Thanks to cooperation of the Fundació puntCAT, more than 40,000 websites under the .cat domain have been filed in the Internet-Archive.

    The PADICAT project has enjoyed the cooperation of the former Centre de Supercomputació de Catalunya - Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia (CESCA) and the support of the Department of Universities, Research and the Information Society of the Government of Catalonia (DURSI)

  • Saint George's Day games

    Between 2007 and 2011, the Fundació puntCAT developed four online games to celebrate Saint George’s Day with the Catalan-speaking community together with anniversary of the .cat domain, which opened its register to everyone on 23 April 2006. Do you want to help Saint George and the Dragon achieve their aims?

    • Saint George and the Conqueror - The .cat domain Conquest game
      Access the game
      Celebrate the eight hundredth anniversary of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown learning curiosities about Catalan history, literature and language, without forgetting the power of Catalan culture on the Internet.


    • Submerge yourself in history
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      More than 150 years have passed since the making of the first submarine in the world, the idea of the Catalan inventor Narcís Monturiol. This game highlights leading aspects in the history of international shipping, as well as other aspects related to the sea and to Catalan culture.


    • Safe browsing
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      With a little care we can prevent the vulnerabilities Internet users are subject to when browsing on the net: viruses, identity theft, password theft... Learn to avoid the security traps you can find on the Internet in a very easy, fun way!


    • puntCAT chemistry
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      2011 was the International Year of Chemistry. With this game you will discover curiosities about chemistry in an entertaining and fun way.