I want a .barcelona

Enjoy the benefits of associating your website with the name of our city!

Who can apply for a .barcelona domain?

Anyone with any kind of relationship with the city of Barcelona.

This includes:

  • The personal websites of Barcelona citizens
  • Businesses from, or wishing to sell in, the City
  • Organisations based or working in Barcelona
  • And many more.

All these and many more can present themselves to the world with Barcelona as part of their name: events, infrastructure, leisure, organisations, hobbies, businesses, festivals, universities, museums, you...

I want a .barcelona

Why have a .barcelona domain?

The Internet is a window to the world where it is becoming increasingly necessary to properly identify yourself to each potential audience in an increasingly precise and targeted way.

If you want the world to see that you are from Barcelona, it is important for your website to have an extension that identifies you.

With a .barcelona domain you will be easier to find online.

I want a .barcelona

What will my .barcelona domain be like?

These are two examples of .barcelona domains: as you can see, it is a standard domain, which works the same way as the .cat, .com or .es domains, among others. From now on, in addition to choosing any of the existing ones, you can also have Barcelona next to the name of your website.

I want a .barcelona

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How to register a .barcelona?

In the same way as with other domains,  to get a domain .barcelona you must register it through a company specialized in the sale and management of domains (registrar company).

Thus, you just need to decide the domain name you want to register and go to the website of the registrar you prefer. Once there, you should check whether the domain you want is available, in which case you can proceed to registration completing the process according to the instructions that you will find on the website of the registrar. You may choose one in the price comparison.

I want a .barcelona

When can I apply for my .barcelona?

At anytime!

On the price comparison you can choose easily the Registrar that most interests you, visit it and register your new domain. barcelona.

The domain will be activated as soon as we receive the request from the Registrar that you've chosen, so you can have your .barcelona active in a matter of minutes.

I want a .barcelona