20 March 2019
elteunegoci.cat | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation has signed partnership agreements with different Councils and Trade associations to implement the elteunegoci.cat programme in their municipalities.

04 March 2019
Associació Guies catalans del món

Do you remember the jokes starting with "a German, a Dutch and an Italian meet ..."? Well, this story starts in a similar way, but it is not a joke. Pep from Berlin, Vanessa from the Netherlands and Maria from Rome were clear about the fact that they wanted to do something for tourism in Catalan abroad, so they came together to work on a common project and, in 2012, established the Association of World Catalan Guides.

12 February 2019
Convocatòria oberta projectes | Fundació puntCAT

Vinton Cerf, winner of the 30th Catalonia International Prize, and the puntCAT Foundation create the Vinton Cerf Distinction, with a €20,000 grant, within the framework of the open call for projects. The purpose of the Distinction is to acknowledge and promote research activities related to the development of the Internet and digital innovation in the Catalan-speaking regions. Thus, the budget of this call is increased to €180,000 (€160,000 of grants plus €20,000 of the Distinction).

28 January 2019
Convocatòria oberta projectes | Fundació puntCAT

Today, the puntCAT Foundation has opened the call for projects with digital content or structure that have disruptive ambition, collaborative pull or a strategic nature. The deadline for receiving projects is 28th March.

Organisations applying for this aid must be public or private non-profit organisations with headquarters in a Catalan-speaking region and owners of a .cat domain, and it must be possible to select contents in Catalan on their websites.

21 January 2019
Convocatòria oberta projectes | Fundació puntCAT

On 28th January, the puntCAT Foundation is to announce the call for projects with digital content or structure that have disruptive ambition, collaborative pull or a strategic nature. The projects presented must belong to the ITC sector, to the Language, Culture and Society sector or to Strategic Services and Infrastructures. The deadline for receiving projects is 28th March.

18 December 2018
el Detallista | Fundació puntCAT

Lídia and Narcís are thoughtful by nature, so much so that some time ago they decided to leave their jobs and start a project of gourmet gift boxes and gastronomic experiences called El Detallista.

11 December 2018
La Fundació puntCAT i la Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions signen un conveni de col·laboració

The chairman of the puntCAT Foundation, Carles Salvadó, and the chairman of the Catalan Foundation Coordinator, Pere-A. Fàbregas Vidal, have signed a partnership agreement to encourage the adoption and use of the .cat domain among CCF.

31 October 2018
Fundació puntCAT amb el Govern de les Illes Balears | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation meets with Bel Busquets, Vice President of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands and Department of Innovation, Research and Tourism; Llorenç Huguet, rector of the University of the Balearic Islands; Carmen Palomino, Councillor for Modernisation and Public Function and Josep de Lluís, president of Obra Cultural Balear.

17 October 2018
Catosfera 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

This edition presents a program that will focus on different topics with names of great relevance and that recalls the impact that had on October 1 of last year in three round tables on journalism, censorship on the Internet and civil rights and social networks.

The world of domain
10 October 2018
El Govern impulsa el .cat | Fundació puntCAT

From the puntCAT Foundation, a non-profit private entity managed by non-governmental organizations, we are pleased to share with the entire Catalan-speaking community that the Generalitat of Catalonia has announced that in the coming weeks it will approve a Government agreement to promote the .cat as the official domain of Catalonia.

The world of domain
26 September 2018
Entrevista Maria Rosa Ferré | Fundació puntCAT

Maria Rosa is from Vilafranca del Penedès. 6 years ago, the savings bank where she worked closed and she lost her job. She had always liked photography and writing, so when she became unemployed her daughter gave her a digital camera and she opened a blog. From then on, Maria Rosa started the second stage of her life, at the age of 61.

The world of domain
17 September 2018
Entrevista Xavi Méndez | Fundació puntCAT

Xavi is a designer and lives in Igualada. In 2010 he moved to Edinburgh to refocus his professional career. There the idea of creating the laCULTURAL cultural agenda was born. In May 2011 this idea came true, and now you can see all Igualada's cultural offer on the igualadacultural.cat website.