The .cat domain gains loyalty and becomes internationalised

.cat now has 107,652 domains spread around more than 90 countries worldwide
17 May 2018
Observatori puntCAT 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation presented the annual Observatory of the .cat domain on World Internet Day. This study is a graphic analysis of the most relevant data regarding the domain over the past year and allows for comparison of the evolution of .cat since 2007, the year in which it was created.

The study was presented in Barcelona in the presence of the main stakeholders of .cat (Board of trustees of the Foundation, registrars, the Authorities, organisations from the sector, among others).

During the presence, Saül Gordillo, a trustee of the puntCAT Foundation representing the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation, highlighted the fact that “last year we underwent a period of changes and events that led to a feeling of instability in the Foundation. The successive lawsuits filed by the Spanish Government, and police searches, among others, have made everyday life at puntCAT quite difficult”.

The fact is that the puntCAT Foundation has had an exceptional year. It all dates back to 15th September when Officers from the Civil Guard came to the Foundation to submit an official notice from Trial Court 13 of Barcelona. This notice required the closure of a list of websites related to the 1st October referendum. On 20th September, the Civil Guard searched the offices of the puntCAT Foundation. On that same day, they arrested a member of the team, “something previously unheard of in the history of .cat and of free internet”, indicated Manel Sanromà, director of the puntCAT Foundation.

puntCAT is still involved in court proceedings by the Civil Guard.

Despite this difficult stage, very good data must also be noted that reflects the level of maturity of the domain. The renewal rate of .cat has increased and has allowed for consolidation. In Spain and abroad this has also increased considerably, with the number of domains located outside the Catalan-speaking region rising from 5% to 12%.

Coinciding with the presentation, the puntCAT Foundation and Dinahosting have launched the URL shortener “JA.CAT”. This shortener in Catalan is a useful, free tool that is used to shorten and customise website addresses. Simply enter your URL in the shortener and in seconds you will obtain a new, much shorter version of the link.

The presentation of the Observatory also took place at the same time as a marketing promotion by the Foundation to promote the use of the .cat e-mail address, customised and in Catalan. This promotion is to remain active until 31st May at