"The .cat domain is tantamount to our essence"

We talked with Albert Torra and Eduard Porta, the founders of Guies.cat, the first platform of guided tours in Catalan

21 August 2018
Entrevista Guies.cat | Fundació puntCAT

Albert and Eduard talked to us about Guies.cat, a project that has experienced a powerful start and, very soon indeed, will help us travel in Catalan to any corner of the world.

Tell us what we will find on Guies.cat

Guies.cat is the first tourist booking platform, where you will find guided tours in Catalan in major cities worldwide. As of September, we want to enlarge our website contents, where we will include other tourist services run by Catalans around the world (small charming hotels, restaurants, different tourist activities, etc.). If you know someone who may be interested in appearing on Guies.cat, we invite you to let us know through the form we have enabled on the website.

Who is behind Guies.cat?

We are a young team, highly enthusiastic, professional and involved, from the sphere of businesses and associations. We are united by a common denominator: Catalan. 

How and why was the project created?

Due to the different experiences of our team members and external ones, we realised the great lack of guided tours in our language (in general, throughout the tourist sector outside Catalonia it is difficult to find information and services exclusively in Catalan). Everyone knows that, when traveling, you can do activities in languagessuch as Spanish or English, but have you ever wondered if you can do them in Catalan? From now on you can thanks to Guies.cat!

In which cities can we find guided tours in Catalan?

We are currently present in major European cities, such as Paris, London, Prague, Florence, Berlin ... As well as in Tokyo and Manhattan. In short, cities like Rome, Berlin, Moscow, San Francisco, Sydney, Shanghai will be the next destinations, where we will offer guides in Catalan. 

What does a person who wants to go on one of your tours need to do?

It is very simple. You just have to visit the Guies.cat website, where you can directly see the current offer of cities. Choose the itinerary you like most, and you will be able to make your reservation online. Later on, you will receive a voucher at your email address with all the information (to show on the day of the visit).

What does one have to do if we would like to work as a guide? Are there any essential requirements?

Our team of guides is made up of qualified professionals with an official degree, who have been residents for years in your destination country. If this is your case and you want to join Guies.cat, send us your CV!

How do people react when following an itinerary in Catalan abroad?

With great enthusiasm. Do you know that feeling of listening to someone who speaks your language at the other end of the world? Well, this is the feeling that many of our users have conveyed to us. 

Why did you decide for the .cat domain?

Without hesitation and in a natural way, when we were about to register our project, .cat was an essential part of it. We did not even think of any other option. This domain is tantamount to our essence.

Are guided tours hired exclusively through your website?

Our platform is entirely online, and most procedures are easily accessible and simple to carry out through the website. Currently, users increasingly want to rely on better terms, when it comes to scheduling and designing their trip. That is why we contact you via email and, if applicable, also by phone. 

How do you imagine Guies.cat within 5 years?

We would like to be the reference website for Catalan tourism abroad.

A project that has experienced a powerful start and, very soon indeed, will help us travel in Catalan to any corner of the world.