Fundació puntCAT signs a partnership agreement with Taula del Tercer Sector

This agreement seeks to strengthen the tertiary sector in the digital field

20 April 2018
signatura conveni Taula tercer sector i Fundació puntcat

Fundació puntCAT and Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya have signed a partnership agreement to promote digitalisation and to strengthen the Social tertiary sector.

The initiative, which arose from the Fundació puntCAT’s work in 2017 on the m4Social project to produce the Digital Accessibility Guide, has overlapped to 2018 in order to include new joint activities.

The agreement was signed by the Fundació puntCAT chairman of the board of trustees, Carles Salvadó, and the chairlady of Taula, Francina Alsina. The signing of the agreement was also witnessed by the coordinator of m4Social for the Management board of Taula, Adolf Díaz, and the assistant director of Fundació puntCAT, Mercè Salvat.

One of the activities included in the agreement is the the distribution of the special promotion for organisations of Fundación puntCAT  and support by the organisations involved in m4Social.

This agreement marks a starting point for future work between the organisations over the year.