The Government announces an initiative to promote .cat as the domain of Catalonia

The Government agreement is to be approved this October and will validate the adoption of the .cat domain by the Catalan authorities

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10 October 2018
El Govern impulsa el .cat | Fundació puntCAT

From the puntCAT Foundation, a non-profit private entity managed by non-governmental organizations, we are pleased to share with the entire Catalan-speaking community that the Generalitat of Catalonia has announced that in the coming weeks it will approve a Government agreement to promote the .cat as the official domain of Catalonia.

Once the Government has approved the agreement, the .cat domain of the Catalan-speaking community will also become the domain of Catalonia. It will continue to be owned and managed by the puntCAT Foundation, in which the authorities, political parties or unions play no part (as indicated in its bylaws).

The Chairman of the puntCAT Foundation, Carles Salvadó, expressed his satisfaction with this initiative that “will help promote .cat”. He also added that this initiative by the Generalitat “does not exclude any other Government that also wishes to adopt this kind of initiative”.

The puntCAT Foundation seeks to reach every corner of the Catalan Countries, and any initiative to promote the .cat domain will be very welcome.