The open call for projects of the puntCAT Foundation receives 83 applications from non-profit organisations

The global amount of applications exceeds 2 million euros

29 April 2019
Convocatòria oberta projectes | Fundació puntCAT

On 28 January, the puntCAT Foundation opened the call for projects aimed at those non-profit organisations in need of funding to develop projects with a digital content or structure. A total of 102 organisations filed 111 projects within the deadline set by the call, of which 83 fulfilled the requirements set out in the grants’ terms and conditions. The profiles of these organisations vary greatly: they range from organisations promoting Catalan to universities that are committed to technological innovation; from associations promoting Catalan traditions to foundations working in the field of art and design.

The open call for projects is endowed with a budget of €160,000. The “Xarxa Vives" Universities and the Catalonian Research Centres can also opt for the Vinton Cerf Award, which amounts to €20,000. The 83 finalists have applied for grants for a total amount of €2,044,668.74. The results of the evaluation process will be made public on 16 May during the presentation ceremony of The Jury is made up of the president of the puntCAT Foundation, Carles Salvadó; Karma Peiró, a journalist specialising in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); and Albert Cuesta, a journalist, analyst and speaker specialising in ICT.