The puntCAT Foundation is joined by 2 new trustees

Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing the Cercle Català de Negocis, are the foundation’s two new trustees

26 February 2018
The puntCAT Foundation is joined by 2 new trustees

The puntCAT Foundation has held an extraordinary board meeting to approve and welcome two new trustees to the Foundation: Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, the Association of Information and Communication Media, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing Cercle Català de Negocis, the Catalan Business Circle. These two associations seek to strengthen the associative nature of the region represented by .CAT.

“The decision to increase the number of trustees to 10 will strengthen the foundation’s governing body and will enable it to continue ensuring the foundational mission of .CAT is fulfilled”, said Carles Salvadó, chairman of the puntCAT Foundation. He also added that “these two new trustees have very dynamic profiles on the internet and, above all, they are heavily involved in broadcasting and the media”.

Joan Camp, a board member of AMIC and a new board member of .CAT, indicated that "the presence of AMIC on the board of the puntCAT Foundation will play an important role, as AMIC is the most representative association of the Catalan digital media and its scope includes all the Catalan Countries, which is also the scope of the puntCAT Foundation. This could generate excellent coverage between the Foundation and the region through the 302 editorials of our association. AMIC, together with the CCMA representative in the Foundation, will fill the media quota on the board, which will range from AMIC’s geographic or subject-based proximity to the global presence of the CCMA".

Albert Pont, chairman of the Catalan Business Circle, was also extremely enthusiastic about joining the board and said that “current times require projects such as this one to guarantee the complete digitalisation of Catalan businesses and society”.
This new board faces a challenging and exciting stage with some very clear goals:
- Strengthen the foundational work of .CAT and its presence among the standard-bearing institutions in the country, and review the current by-laws
- Produce the 2018 - 2019 Action Plan for the puntCAT Foundation
- Promote and disseminate the .CAT domain and Catalan on the internet

Apart from these new members, the board is formed by Carles Salvadó, representing ISOC-CAT (president); Salvador Alegret, en representing theInstitut d’Estudis Catalans (vicepresident and treasurer); Saül Gordillo, representing the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (secretary); Carles Riba, representing the Coordinadora de Centres d’Estudis de Parla Catalana (board member); Joan Ramon Barrera, representing CTecno (board member); Sergio Jerez, representing Futbol Club Barcelona (board member); Joan Abellà, representing the Federació Llull  (board member); Joan Anton Ferré, representing the Universitat Rovira Virgili (board member); Albert Pont, representing the Cercle Català de Negocis (board member) and Joan Camp, representing AMIC (board member).