The puntCAT Foundation joins the esTICenllaçat project promoted by the real dreams Foundation and CTecno

The esTICenllaçat project announces a call to provide organisations from the tertiary sector with websites

22 February 2018

The puntCAT Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with CTecno (Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya – Technology Circle of Catalonia) and the real dreams Foundation to take part in the esTICenllaçat project. The agreement was signed by Mr. Carles Salvadó, Chairman of the puntCAT Foundation, Mr. Joan Ramon Barrera, Vice Chairman of CTecno, and Mr. David Levy, Chairman of the real dreams Foundation.

Upon signing the agreement, the puntCAT Foundation, CTecno and the real dreams Foundation announced a call so that organisations from the tertiary sector in Catalonia that do not have a website could obtain one in Catalan with the .cat domain. Throughout 2018, the selected organisations will visit the headquarters of the puntCAT Foundation to begin jointly developing the website in Catalan and choose the design. The goal is to create up to 40 websites that meet the basic needs of the organisations.

A second call is expected in June, open to organisations from the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands that are seeking a website in Catalan.

This activity seeks to reduce the digital divide of Catalan-speaking tertiary sector organisations and improve their accessibility to new technologies.