El Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística i la Fundació puntCAT impulsen mesures per estendre l’ús del català a l’empresa i al comerç local

Joint awareness-raising sessions are the main focus of the collaboration agreement

25 July 2019

The president of the Consortium for Linguistic Normalisation (CPNL), Ester Franquesa, and the president of Fundació puntCAT, Carles Salvadó, have signed a collaboration agreement designed to encourage the use of Catalan in digital environments in local businesses and enterprises.

The objective of the agreement is to increase the presence of Catalan in business websites  by means of joint awareness-raising sessions of an informative as well as executive nature, with a particular focus on online linguistic resources.

08 July 2019
Desprotegides, malgrat tot | Fundació puntCAT

In this first six months of the year, 3 women have died in Catalonia in situations of violence against women. It is calculated that one out of every 16 women have been involved in a serious situation in the past year (201,210 in total).

28 June 2019
subscripció gratuïta EL TEMPS | Fundació puntCAT

EL TEMPS magazine turns 35 and wants to celebrate its anniversary with followers and users of the .cat domain. Thus, it offers a free six-month digital subscription.

The world of domain
10 September 2018
El domini .barcelona baixa de preu! | Fundació puntCAT

The Barcelona City Council wants the .barcelona domain to be accessible to all the citizens of the metropolitan area. For this reason, it has decided to lower the sale price of the city domain. The price reduction is ongoing and effective as of 10 September 2018you can check the updated prices of the different registrars offering the .barcelona domain in the price comparison.

06 September 2018
Entrevista Antoni Palmarola | Fundació puntCAT

Antoni Palmarola is 66 years old and lives in Barcelona. On a trip to Donostia/San Sebastian, he ran into 31 August street and wondered if all calendar dates had a street somewhere in the world. Four years later, he created cronovies.cat, a website where he collects all street plates with a date name and explains their historical reference.

30 August 2018
Entrevista Tasta Llibres | Fundació puntCAT

Manel, Joel and Joan are engineering students who are eager to undertake. Together they have already created the Onabitz computer consultancy and are embarking on a new project, Tasta Llibres, a literary subscription in Catalan, according to which users will get a new book every month. An opportunity to discover new Catalan titles and authors.

21 August 2018
Entrevista Guies.cat | Fundació puntCAT

Albert and Eduard talked to us about Guies.cat, a project that has experienced a powerful start and, very soon indeed, will help us travel in Catalan to any corner of the world.

18 July 2018
Creu de Sant Jordi | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation has received the Saint George’s Cross in acknowledgement of its work in promoting the .cat domain and for having promoted Catalan culture and the normalisation of the use of Catalan on the Internet.

05 July 2018
xeviestudi.cat | Fundació puntCAT

Xevi Masip founded his own studio almost without realising it. After working for a large company, he decided to begin his professional career as a self-employed person. He later found some premises where he could set up and, due to the large number of projects he had to deal with, he went from working as a freelance to managing a whole team at Xevi Estudi.

19 June 2018
va.cat | Fundació puntCAT

We are introducing va.cat, the new free service launched by Dinahosting and the puntCAT Foundation to send files with a maximum capacity of 2 GB. In addition, with va.cat you will be able to set the conditions of each submittal.

12 June 2018
ja.cat | Fundació puntCAT

We present ja.cat, an URL shortcut in Catalan developed by Dinahosting and the puntCAT Foundation. With ja.cat you can customize your URLs and create shorter links that are easier to remember.

11 June 2018
Jordi Puigneró visits the puntCAT Foundation

The Head of Digital Policies and Public Administration in the Government of Catalonia, Jordi Puigneró, visits the puntCAT Foundation during his first official act

17 May 2018
Observatori puntCAT 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation presented the annual Observatory of the .cat domain on World Internet Day. This study is a graphic analysis of the most relevant data regarding the domain over the past year and allows for comparison of the evolution of .cat since 2007, the year in which it was created.