El Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística i la Fundació puntCAT impulsen mesures per estendre l’ús del català a l’empresa i al comerç local

Joint awareness-raising sessions are the main focus of the collaboration agreement

25 July 2019

The president of the Consortium for Linguistic Normalisation (CPNL), Ester Franquesa, and the president of Fundació puntCAT, Carles Salvadó, have signed a collaboration agreement designed to encourage the use of Catalan in digital environments in local businesses and enterprises.

The objective of the agreement is to increase the presence of Catalan in business websites  by means of joint awareness-raising sessions of an informative as well as executive nature, with a particular focus on online linguistic resources.

08 July 2019
Desprotegides, malgrat tot | Fundació puntCAT

In this first six months of the year, 3 women have died in Catalonia in situations of violence against women. It is calculated that one out of every 16 women have been involved in a serious situation in the past year (201,210 in total).

28 June 2019
subscripció gratuïta EL TEMPS | Fundació puntCAT

EL TEMPS magazine turns 35 and wants to celebrate its anniversary with followers and users of the .cat domain. Thus, it offers a free six-month digital subscription.

04 May 2018
Seminari Literatur&EinesDigitals | Fundació puntCAT

The Literatura&EinesDigitals (Literature&DigitalTools) seminar, which is to take place from 9th to 13th July 2018 in the Tantàgora classroom, proposes different resources to work on digital, literary and linguistic skills within the educational community. The theoretical and practical sessions offer twofold training: an introduction into technological education and specialisation in the creation of teaching contents and reading dynamics in the classroom using the technology learned.

20 April 2018
signatura conveni Taula tercer sector i Fundació puntcat

Fundació puntCAT and Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya have signed a partnership agreement to promote digitalisation and to strengthen the Social tertiary sector.

13 March 2018
Cateria Ubeda sapiens.cat

At the start of February, the website sapiens.cat, the digital version of the magazine SÀPIENS, updated its structure and included new sections and a new image. We wanted to learn more about day-to-day life at sapiens.cat from its editor in chief, Caterina Úbeda.

07 March 2018
Carles Salvado

We are facing a moment of challenges and opportunities. Catalonia is going through an exceptional political and cultural period. We at the puntCAT Foundation are facing this situation as firmly as possible. Indeed, as set forth in our statutes, the entity is and will be a reference in the promotion of Catalan culture on the Internet and in advocating for a free network.

26 February 2018
The puntCAT Foundation is joined by 2 new trustees

The puntCAT Foundation has held an extraordinary board meeting to approve and welcome two new trustees to the Foundation: Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, the Association of Information and Communication Media, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing Cercle Català de Negocis, the Catalan Business Circle. These two associations seek to strengthen the associative nature of the region represented by .CAT.

22 February 2018

The puntCAT Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with CTecno (Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya – Technology Circle of Catalonia) and the real dreams Foundation to take part in the esTICenllaçat project.

08 February 2018
Webs al punt .cat al Yomo

The registration period for the Webs al punt .cat competition ended on 2 February with a total of 802 groups and 2,415 students registered. These are record participation figures in the history of the competition.

29 January 2018
La Mirta i la Sònia són l'ànima de l'agència Sumem

Mirta and Sònia present their project: Sumem. A digital communications and transformation agency that works for organisations from the tertiary sector, SMEs and the public authorities.

22 January 2018
ampliem inscripcions Webs al punt

The period to register your website or mobile application creation project is being extended until 2 February for you to be able to participate in the websalpunt.cat contest.

15 December 2017
Carles Salvadó

The votes of the puntCAT Foundation board to elect a new president were casted on the afternoon of 14 December. Salvador Alegret, until then the organisation’s president, handed over the presidency to Carles Salvadó, who is representing the ISOC-CAT, with the aim of facing a new exciting stage within the Foundation.