Menció Honorífica Festibity | Fundació puntCAT

The Sparkle project, HumanITCare and the former chairman of FIB Alumni, Albert Herrero, also acknowledged with Festibity Mentions

03 June 2019

Every year, the FIB and its alumni association, FIB Alumni, reflect the importance of acknowledging the work of the people and companies standing out in the field of information technologies

03 June 2019 a Berga | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation and Berga Development Agency have signed a partnership agreement to implement the programme in the town.
24 May 2019
Premis Webs al punt .cat | Fundació puntCAT

On 21 May, the awards ceremony of the 9th Webs al contest was held, a project that promotes digital creation among 5th- and 6th-grade Primary, Secondary, Grammar and Vocational Training students

07 March 2018
Carles Salvado

We are facing a moment of challenges and opportunities. Catalonia is going through an exceptional political and cultural period. We at the puntCAT Foundation are facing this situation as firmly as possible. Indeed, as set forth in our statutes, the entity is and will be a reference in the promotion of Catalan culture on the Internet and in advocating for a free network.

26 February 2018
The puntCAT Foundation is joined by 2 new trustees

The puntCAT Foundation has held an extraordinary board meeting to approve and welcome two new trustees to the Foundation: Joan Camp Fontcuberta, representing AMIC, the Association of Information and Communication Media, and Albert Pont i Serrano, representing Cercle Català de Negocis, the Catalan Business Circle. These two associations seek to strengthen the associative nature of the region represented by .CAT.

22 February 2018

The puntCAT Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with CTecno (Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya – Technology Circle of Catalonia) and the real dreams Foundation to take part in the esTICenllaçat project.
08 February 2018
Webs al punt .cat al Yomo

The registration period for the Webs al punt .cat competition ended on 2 February with a total of 802 groups and 2,415 students registered. These are record participation figures in the history of the competition.

29 January 2018
La Mirta i la Sònia són l'ànima de l'agència Sumem

Mirta and Sònia present their project: Sumem. A digital communications and transformation agency that works for organisations from the tertiary sector, SMEs and the public authorities.
22 January 2018
ampliem inscripcions Webs al punt

The period to register your website or mobile application creation project is being extended until 2 February for you to be able to participate in the contest.

15 December 2017
Carles Salvadó

The votes of the puntCAT Foundation board to elect a new president were casted on the afternoon of 14 December. Salvador Alegret, until then the organisation’s president, handed over the presidency to Carles Salvadó, who is representing the ISOC-CAT, with the aim of facing a new exciting stage within the Foundation.

15 December 2017
Comerç local Taradell

The Agrupació de Botiguers de Taradell (Taradell Shopkeeper Association) has signed a collaboration agreement with the puntCAT Foundation to carry out the comerç programme in the municipality. Taradell shopkeepers who register a .cat domain will get a free website to showcase their business on the Internet. The website, which is offered to shopkeepers, includes basic information about the store and its products or services, thus offering a first foray into the digital world.

24 October 2017
Signature of Comerç programme in Agramunt

Agramunt Town Council and the Shopkeepers’ and Industrialists’ Union (Unió de Botiguers i Industrials) have signed a collaboration agreement with the puntCAT Foundation to implement the comerç programme in the town. Agramunt shopkeepers who register a .cat domain name will get a free website to boost their business’s online visibility. The site will feature basic information on the establishment and its products or services, providing the business with a first foray into the digital world.

10 October 2017
Xavier Breil, director general de Dictapp

Xavier Breil is a high-school Catalan teacher. Needing to improve his students’ spelling and having detected and classified the most common mistakes, he created Dictapp to help teachers and students work on spelling inside and outside of the classroom.