Renova el teu .cat amb descompte | Fundació puntCAT

Get your discount code until November 18
04 November 2019

To celebrate Catalonia's National Day, puntCAT gives discount codes to renew your .cat domain. Get your discount code until November 18.

29 October 2019
Dominis 1 o 2 caràcters | Fundació puntCAT

We at .cat have opened the registration period for some very special domains: 1 or 2 characters. They are special because they are limited and also follow a different registration process to other domains.

22 October 2019
Oferta de feina de l'equip de sistemes

Fundació puntCAT has opened a selection process to expand its systems team. The person we are looking for has to participate and provide technical support to the different puntCAT teams and projects.

30 August 2018
Entrevista Tasta Llibres | Fundació puntCAT

Manel, Joel and Joan are engineering students who are eager to undertake. Together they have already created the Onabitz computer consultancy and are embarking on a new project, Tasta Llibres, a literary subscription in Catalan, according to which users will get a new book every month. An opportunity to discover new Catalan titles and authors.

21 August 2018
Entrevista | Fundació puntCAT

Albert and Eduard talked to us about, a project that has experienced a powerful start and, very soon indeed, will help us travel in Catalan to any corner of the world.

18 July 2018
Creu de Sant Jordi | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation has received the Saint George’s Cross in acknowledgement of its work in promoting the .cat domain and for having promoted Catalan culture and the normalisation of the use of Catalan on the Internet.

05 July 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

Xevi Masip founded his own studio almost without realising it. After working for a large company, he decided to begin his professional career as a self-employed person. He later found some premises where he could set up and, due to the large number of projects he had to deal with, he went from working as a freelance to managing a whole team at Xevi Estudi.

19 June 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

We are introducing, the new free service launched by Dinahosting and the puntCAT Foundation to send files with a maximum capacity of 2 GB. In addition, with you will be able to set the conditions of each submittal.

12 June 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

We present, an URL shortcut in Catalan developed by Dinahosting and the puntCAT Foundation. With you can customize your URLs and create shorter links that are easier to remember.

11 June 2018
Jordi Puigneró visits the puntCAT Foundation

The Head of Digital Policies and Public Administration in the Government of Catalonia, Jordi Puigneró, visits the puntCAT Foundation during his first official act
17 May 2018
Observatori puntCAT 2018 | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation presented the annual Observatory of the .cat domain on World Internet Day. This study is a graphic analysis of the most relevant data regarding the domain over the past year and allows for comparison of the evolution of .cat since 2007, the year in which it was created.

04 May 2018
Seminari Literatur&EinesDigitals | Fundació puntCAT

The Literatura&EinesDigitals (Literature&DigitalTools) seminar, which is to take place from 9th to 13th July 2018 in the Tantàgora classroom, proposes different resources to work on digital, literary and linguistic skills within the educational community. The theoretical and practical sessions offer twofold training: an introduction into technological education and specialisation in the creation of teaching contents and reading dynamics in the classroom using the technology learned.

20 April 2018
signatura conveni Taula tercer sector i Fundació puntcat

Fundació puntCAT and Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya have signed a partnership agreement to promote digitalisation and to strengthen the Social tertiary sector.