Menció Honorífica Festibity | Fundació puntCAT

The Sparkle project, HumanITCare and the former chairman of FIB Alumni, Albert Herrero, also acknowledged with Festibity Mentions

03 June 2019

Every year, the FIB and its alumni association, FIB Alumni, reflect the importance of acknowledging the work of the people and companies standing out in the field of information technologies

03 June 2019 a Berga | Fundació puntCAT

The puntCAT Foundation and Berga Development Agency have signed a partnership agreement to implement the programme in the town.
24 May 2019
Premis Webs al punt .cat | Fundació puntCAT

On 21 May, the awards ceremony of the 9th Webs al contest was held, a project that promotes digital creation among 5th- and 6th-grade Primary, Secondary, Grammar and Vocational Training students
30 May 2017
guanyadors webs al punt cat 2017

Friday 26 May was the day of the award ceremony for the 7th edition of the Webs al punt (Websites on .cat) competition, a project that fosters digital creation among secondary school and vocational training students.

17 May 2017

Coinciding with International Internet Day, Fundació puntCAT presents the puntCAT Observatory, an analysis of the evolution of the .cat domain shown in graph form. This publication, which will be presented on 17th May each year, aims to increase and expand on the information it provides, including the results of the new studies being conducted by Fundació puntCAT on the demand for Catalan on the Internet.

08 May 2017
54 comerços sallent web catala

During these four weeks, 54 shops in the area have requested their own website in Catalan with basic information about their business thanks to the comerç scheme. The scheme has been very well received among Sallent’s traders and shopkeepers – to the point that it has been extended for one more week in order to respond to all requests.

03 May 2017
Fundació puntcat amb el pacte nacional pel referèndum

Fundació puntCAT has announced its accession to the National Pact for the Referendum in accordance with the resolution passed on 26 April at the first meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees following the appointment of Manel Sanromà as new chairman of the organisation.

This is the first action undertaken by Fundació puntCAT under the new management team to take a stance with Catalan society and the process being carried out at its heart, with the aim of “placing Fundació puntCAT at the service of Catalonia at such an important time”.

26 April 2017
trobada cens enitats foment llengua catalana

Carles Salvadó, representing Fundació puntCAT, also took part in the event, explaining the work carried out by the organisation for the promotion of the Catalan language in the field of technology.

06 April 2017

In order to publicise and promote the .barcelona Internet domain among the citizens of Barcelona, ​​we carried out a survey among them to find out whether our city is our domain.

The results debunked some of the stereotypes most deeply rooted among the people, such as that no locals ever visit the inside of the Sagrada Família (7 out of 10 have done so) or that they are completely focused on money: half of the people of Barcelona would never leave the city, not even if you doubled their salary.

04 April 2017

The vote of Fundació puntCAT's Board of Trustees to choose their new president was held in the afternoon of 4 April after the outgoing president Ricard Huguet, representing FemCAT, resigned due to FemCAT’s wish to make changes within institutions.

Ricard Huguet has been president of Fundació puntCAT since December 2011, when he replaced Salvador Alegret, who represented the Institute of Catalan Studies (Institut d’Estudis Catalans).
07 March 2017

Fundació puntCAT presented the competition Webs al Punt (Websites on the Dot) at the Youth Mobile fair (YOMO) held at the most recent Mobile World Congress.

Hundreds of young people helped create the collaborative installation “Imagina el teu WEB” (“Imagine Your WEBSITE"). Participants used coloured threads to draw their own digital project, making selections from a grid of possible options. They thought of a domain name for this website and then wrote it at the end of the project, and together they wove the Internet.

06 March 2017

With this tour of the region, Fundació puntCAT is promoting a digital training programme for shopkeepers who want their shop on the Internet in order to make themselves known and increase the number of potential customers. According to Santi Ribera, Director of Fundació, "the comerç Tour is being very well received: there are many shops signing up to the campaign, proof that there was unsatisfied demand.