El Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística i la Fundació puntCAT impulsen mesures per estendre l’ús del català a l’empresa i al comerç local

Joint awareness-raising sessions are the main focus of the collaboration agreement

25 July 2019

The president of the Consortium for Linguistic Normalisation (CPNL), Ester Franquesa, and the president of Fundació puntCAT, Carles Salvadó, have signed a collaboration agreement designed to encourage the use of Catalan in digital environments in local businesses and enterprises.

The objective of the agreement is to increase the presence of Catalan in business websites  by means of joint awareness-raising sessions of an informative as well as executive nature, with a particular focus on online linguistic resources.

08 July 2019
Desprotegides, malgrat tot | Fundació puntCAT

In this first six months of the year, 3 women have died in Catalonia in situations of violence against women. It is calculated that one out of every 16 women have been involved in a serious situation in the past year (201,210 in total).

28 June 2019
subscripció gratuïta EL TEMPS | Fundació puntCAT

EL TEMPS magazine turns 35 and wants to celebrate its anniversary with followers and users of the .cat domain. Thus, it offers a free six-month digital subscription.

07 March 2017

Fundació puntCAT presented the competition Webs al Punt (Websites on the Dot) at the Youth Mobile fair (YOMO) held at the most recent Mobile World Congress.

Hundreds of young people helped create the collaborative installation “Imagina el teu WEB” (“Imagine Your WEBSITE"). Participants used coloured threads to draw their own digital project, making selections from a grid of possible options. They thought of a domain name for this website and then wrote it at the end of the project, and together they wove the Internet.

06 March 2017

With this tour of the region, Fundació puntCAT is promoting a digital training programme for shopkeepers who want their shop on the Internet in order to make themselves known and increase the number of potential customers. According to Santi Ribera, Director of Fundació, "the comerçlocal.cat Tour is being very well received: there are many shops signing up to the campaign, proof that there was unsatisfied demand.

22 December 2016

During its first two months of action, the comerçlocal.cat project, which is aimed at shopkeepers of shops wishing to have their first website in Catalan, has helped 225 shops enter the digital world.

22 December 2016

The Webs al Punt.cat (Websites on Dot.cat) competition has been selected to take part in the YOMO fair, an initiative aimed at students of between 10 and 16 years of age interested in careers in science and technology. Fundació puntCAT has been selected to present the competition for students of secondary school and mid-level and advanced vocational courses, which is now (2017) in its seventh edition.

18 November 2016

Today is the comerçlocal.cat scheme´s last day in Girona. In its 27 days of action in the city, more than 150 local shops have taken advantage of this project to have their first website on the Internet.

02 November 2016

What made you decide to embrace and support the comerçlocal.cat scheme in your city?

30 June 2016

The .cat domain is an innovative, disruptive and constantly evolving domain. This is why this  summer we introduce you our most surprising promotion until now: besides your .cat domain at the best price, now you can also get a web for 0€!

It is a web presència ideal for you to start your digital strategy. But if you want something else, you can choose between our 4 packs to develop a website with all the features.

11 April 2016

The .barcelona domain is already working. 1,356 domains .barcelona were registered from January to March, during the period of reservation for priority names. Since March 21st, those domains have been enabled. From this date on, free registration has been allowed, and the number of registers has raised to 3,948.

07 April 2016

The startup Weego Electric is the winner of Speed Mentoring program organized by Fundació puntCAT and Nominalia. It is aimed at consolidating the business models of emerging companies in the digital world.